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Accountability National budget 2018

From dated 16 May 2019.

In 2018, the ministries have allocated considerably more money to the Dutch Caribbean: 358 million euros compared to 306 million euros in 2017. In 2014 it was still 238 million euros. This is evident from the annual financial report of the Dutch government.
Note: The third Wednesday in May is traditionally the accountability day of the government, also called "meatloaf day".

With 133 million, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport accounts for more than one third of the total budget. Education, Culture and Science (65 million), Justice and Security (39 million), Infrastructure & Public Works (34 million) and Social Affairs (32 million) will follow. Economic Affairs and Climate is traditionally the most economical (8 million). In terms of tax revenue and contributions, the government collected 152 million euro last year, 5 million less than in 2017.

Here is a breakdown per ministry (in Dutch).