How it continued

Care - ZVK

Monday 2 December 2019 there was a last-minute "townhall meeting" in Lions Den, aimed at giving an explanation of Article 10.4 of the ZVK regulations.

Very quickly the course of the evening changed, because the attendees saw the opportunity to finally be heard. When the lid of the pressure cooker went off, there was a lot of emotion. It happened to us that the released emotion (and anger) seems to be mainly due to a bad coordination and a bad communication.

On December 7, 2019, in a mail I'll bring some things to the attention of the Committee on Health, Welfare and Sport of the Lower House (cc: the Committee on the KR). We are curious about the effect or the follow-up.

More than six months later - 6 July 2020 - I receive a letter from State Secretary Blokhuis (in Dutch) in which he responds to my e-mail of 7 December 2019.

One day later - July 7, 2020 - I respond to a point from his letter, namely the point that students from the Dutch Caribbean are insured differently compared to students from the European Netherlands.

On 23 August 2020 I will write a mail to the State Secretary Blokhuis (through the intermediary of the VWS Committee), cc: KR Committee and cc: ZVK. All this concerning the health insurance of Dutch Caribbean students, when studying in the European Netherlands.

It is about COVID-19: in mid-February 2021 - so it is announced - St. Eustatius (and Saba) will also be integrally vaccinated. My concern is with the choice of vaccine. To this end, I am writing a letter.

I will mail a worrisome report about the care facilities on St. Eustatius to the Lower House on March 9, 2021.

A sad case concerning Regilio Pinas (husband of my colleague Joanne) has prompted a worrying letter to parliament (and Ombudsman and Inspectorate) concerning the deplorably poor organization of the care function (including that of the health insurance office ZVK) on the island. Let us hope that at least his death was not in vain.

On April 28, I am writing a letter about the lousy care on the island.

On May 12, a press statement is issued by the hospital's management (SEHCF). That same afternoon we are registered for the complaints consultation hour organized by ZVK (or: the MinVWS). At that complaint consultation hour we are invited as bring our message to a seminar of representatives of healthcare organizations on all NL-islands in the Caribbean Region that is being organized at the CNSI on Friday May 13. And on May 15, I will write a letter about healthcare.

On September 6, 2022, I write a letter about the barely improving healthcare organization on St. Eustatius (SEHCF).