Developments and letters

February - August 2018

With the arrival of the government commissioner and his deputy, I did not expect that the helm would be handled immediately. After all, first the gentlemen have to read in and talk to people about things as they are. At least, that is how I can imagine it.

A few months later, I still didn't see much difference with the period before the intervention. Before the intervention there were council meetings and executive meetings which sometimes had a very peculiar character, but now - after the intervention - there was nothing you could hold on to as a resident.

It would be good if a kind of growth path were defined with goals and activities (which lead to products or services, which in turn make it possible to achieve the desired goal). Walking along that path, experiences are gained and the path can "grow" to a better path.

But where to start? Well, that is not clear. And that doesn't matter as long as you recognize that the path is a GROWTH path. Then at least after every step it gets better!

In short, where you start doesn't matter as much, as long as you are willing to improve the path every time.

The question remains how to get to a reasonable starting point. Well, when you talk to the residents, you automatically come up with a wish list. If you put that next to a list of things you want to achieve in any case, you will arrive at a schedule of activities with which you can enter into communication with the residents.

At least, that's what I thought. But nothing at all happened that could be seen or felt from the outside. Perhaps things were happening internally in the civil service, but the citizens saw nothing.

In a single informal conversation with the government commissioner, I understood that he didn't like planning very much. The reason for this is that you can be held accountable for this by those who, on the basis of the published planning, have expectations that are not realised in practice. You can argue that there can always be circumstances in which the planning cannot be achieved. This is, of course, not a disgrace at all and is perfectly explainable.

In August 2018, I wrote a letter to the Kingdom Relations Committee to this effect. This letter was not followed by a substantive response.