Developments and letters

February 2021 - June 2021

On February 1, 2021, I write a letter to the House of Representatives and to the government commissioner. A day earlier I had sent a letter to the Ombudsman and on February 1 received a response. That prompted me to write this letter. This letter has two attachments: my letter to the Ombudsman and the response to it.
Note: Both attachments are Dutch languaged.

On September 1, 2020, I write a letter about the notarial services on St. Eustatius. That letter (to the House of Representatives) has never been answered from that side but the Government Commissioner responds promptly. We are now almost half a year further and still we do business with St. Maarten and not with Bonaire. On February 15, 2021, I ask for an updated state of affairs with this bill.

Transparency of the administration and communication with the population - as far as I am concerned - still leave much to be desired. I am writing a letter about this on February 22, 2021.

In mid-January, the choice of COVID-19 vaccine for St. Eustatius has not yet been made. Furthermore, in early March there are some worrisome developments in the healthcare domain. See here more information.

On March 7, I write a bill to once again bring attention to the financial infrastructure on the island. See here more information.

In the domain of education there is an information evening at school. It turns out to be disappointing. For me to write on March 16, 20121 with a follow-up on March 29 and on March 31, 2021.

A day before, it became clear to me that the Senate will debate with State Secretary Knops (Kingdom Relations) on April 6, 2021. Six hours have been set aside so all parties want to take their time. In the evening of April 5, I send a letter. Despite the late time of sending, I receive approving and cordial responses from Recourt (PvdA), Dittrich (D66) and Raven (OSF). The latter reads the concluding paragraph of my letter verbatim in the Senate and that is quoted in the report of The Daily Herald (April 8, 2021). For the report of the debate, I refer to the Senate site (first scroll down a bit to "Beleidsdebat Koninkrijksrelaties" (Policy Debate Kingdom Relations). This report is in Dutch. As a result of this debate, and in particular with regard to "communication" and "townhall meeting", i have sent a supplementary message.

On April 10, I will send a letter to the almost completely revamped Kingdom Relations Committee of the House of Representatives.

In the period April 13th and May 12th 2021 some correspondence takes place in the domain of Education.

In the Procedural Meeting of April 14, 2021, a plea was made for a two-hour committee debate on St. Eustatius, in which, if possible, Island Council will also be represented. This is in response to a request from Ms. Kuiken (PvdA, one of the members who is already more experienced in this committee). That meeting is now scheduled for 2 June 2021.

Because I kept hearing nothing about this from the Island Council members I thought "something must be prepared for this: for example setting up a video conference". I thought it would be good to send the Lower House a reminder. The very next day, I had to send another corrective email because although the House of Representatives had neatly sent a bill on April 19, 2021, it had inexplicably not been delivered to the Island Council members until that moment.

On May 10, 2021, I will send my periodic mail to the Kingdom Relations Committee. The procedural meeting has been moved from May 14 to May 18, 2021. Moreover, State Secretary Knops has made a lightning visit to the island. Reason to send another additional note on May 17, 2021. On May 18, I send a little explanation in the process.

In view of the upcoming meetings and debates, I am sending June 6th 2021 a letter about

This letter has two attachments: Titan and Proposal from Island Council.

On June 14, I send a letter. This time to the Commission of Home Affairs because I have the feeling that the Commission of Kingdom Relations is not doing so much with the BSN, which is not available for indigenous Caribbean Dutch people.

Even on June 14, 2021, I send a letter to the Economic Affairs and Climate Committee (under which postal policy falls). The content speaks for itself and this message is certainly not new: why does the delivery of mail (especially from European to Caribbean Netherlands) take so long?.

One day later - June 15, 2021 - I send a letter in preparation for the debate on the benchmark existential minimum in the Dutch Caribbean programmed for June 16.

In anticipation of the two-minute debates on June 28, I am firmly providing some draft motions for consideration on June 21.

The DigiD is linked to the BSN, but is that necessary? Can a DigiD also be created that is linked to the island ID? If that is possible, then all DigiD-related matters can be carried out "just", yet without the BSN. That is what my letter of June 24, 2021 is about.

The two-minute debate of June 29, 2021 is reason for me to write this letter. A plea for the application of NL laws and regulations for the Dutch Caribbean where possible as well as a critical word about Winair.