How it continued

Financial infrastructure

November 2018

On November 13th, 2018, an informationsession by De Nederlandsche Bank will take place in Lion's Den about the deposit guarantee scheme as it applies in the Dutch Caribbean: a weak cast of what is regulated in the European Netherlands.

The next day I write a letter to the Committee on Finance and the Committee on Kingdom Relations (of the Lower House) as well as to De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch Central Bank).

None of the addressees responded in terms of content. I receive a somewhat arrogant e-mail from De Nederlandsche Bank in which I am thanked for sharing my views with them. Between the lines you can read that De Nederlandsche Bank will not do anything at all with the requested information.

June 2019

According to the planning of 2019 (in Dutch), in the first quarter information will also be provided about the banking services on St. Eustatius.

Well, on 3 June 2019 the Minister of Finance writes a letter to the Second Chamber with an appendix (a summary of a PwC report in Dutch).

On June 9, 2019, I will write a response to these two documents to the Financial and Kingdom Relations Commissions.

January 2020 - ...

In the follow-up to the letter of 3 June 2019, there is now a letter of 29 January 2020 in Dutch.

On 1 February 2020 I will send this mail as a reaction.

Mid November 2020 I hear the sound that one student (coming from St. Eustatius) is studying at that one HBO institution and gets a student grant, while another student at another HBO institution gets the status of 'student' (instead of 'student') with which the obvious student grant is blocked. This feels like legal inequality or discrimination. On 19 November 2020, I will write a letter about this with a broad address.

In the first week of March 2021, the Island Council will pay attention to developments in the financial domain. I will write a letter about this on March 7, 2021.