How it started

Committee of Wise Persons

For quite some time (prior to February 2018) it was clear that the local government did not have a good relationship with the central government in The Hague. In October 2017, the "leader of the island" (as Clyde van Putten liked to see himself mentioned) in Curacao gave a lecture in which this fragment illustrated how he felt about his relationship with the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Also in other areas laws and regulations were put to "one's own control". All this was already in May 2017 for "The Hague" reason to set up a Committee of Wise Men to investigate the matter and to come up with an opinion. The documentation is as follows:

The letter speaks for itself. Intervention is inevitable. The intentions are good. On the Dutch side, too, things need to improve on the European side. The letter states, among other things, "In the Committee's eyes, the Netherlands' attitude has been characterised by disinterest and lack of a common vision". In short, something has to change on that side of the ocean as well!