Excavations Statia



  1. We demand a halt to the excavations!
  2. Reaction Statian government...
  3. ...based on a press release
  4. Compose Statia Heritage Research Commission (SHRC), terms of reference and economic development
  5. Reaction Statian government
  6. Our reaction
  7. Our nomination of members to the SHRC
  8. Nomination Teresa Leslie in SHRC
  9. Appointment Teresa Leslie in SHRC
  10. Our point of view with regard to the group Kenneth Cuvalay (Xiomara Valentina and Petra Ploeg)
  11. Response from group Kenneth Cuvalay (Xiomara Valentina and Petra Ploeg)
  12. On August 1st we demand (of the government commissioners) a truly transparent and ethically sound investigation
  13. On August 15, we urge a response to our letter of August 1
  14. On September 5, we will write a letter to the national ombudsman
  15. On September 9, we will receive a response from the government commissioner.
  16. On September 10, we will respond to the Government Commissioner's letter received yesterday.
  17. On September 13, we will receive a response from the government commissioner
  18. On September 16, we will respond to the recently received letter from the government commissioner
  19. SHRC will be officially installed on September 17 and September 23 Daily Herald reports.
  20. On October 9, we wrote a letter to the House of Representatives (cc: National Ombudsman) because of the half-baked response of the State Secretary and the Government Commissioner to the parliamentary questions
  21. On October 31, we ask SECAR about their ethical stance towards the excavations
  22. On November 6, we ask CNSI about the whereabouts of the excavated human remains.
  23. On November 8, we received a response from SECAR to our question posed in late October.
  24. On November 8, a conversation with CNSI (Stapel); a conversation note has been prepared and agreed upon
  25. On November 14, we will send a letter to the government commissioners outlining what we believe has happened to date (nothing)
  26. On 27 January there is a townhall meeting at Lions Dens where the report of SHRC is presented
  27. On February 20 we send a letter to the government commissioner in which we ask for a plan of action (document in Dutch and in English)
  28. Response (February 23) from the government commissioner to our letter of February 20