Table with reservation

cel 11
cel 12
cel 21
cel 22


These four cells represent a planning for the usage of a room (e.g. days in a month). You want to make a reservation for a meeting in that room.

You should be entitled to do so: you must be one of the members of the community.

You click on the button 'reservation' in the cell (date, hour) you have in mind.

You fill out your name.

You click on 'continue reservation' and your reservation is visible in the system.

Only YOU can delete this specific reservation, e.g. when the meeting is cancelled or postponed, or when you made a wrong reservation.

For deletion you need your name and password (to prevent that anyone else remove you from the planning).

The key 'reset' deletes all records of the reservation-table. This is for practicing purposes, since this demo is working only in its own demo-environment.