Statia Government

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1. What is the population of St. Eustatius?
2. Where is St.Eustatius located?
3. How do you get there?
4. How do you pronounce St.Eustatius?
5. How big is St. Eustatius?
6. How is the island governed?
7. How do I return to Statia to reside?
8. Are you independent or self governed?
9. Which islands comprise the Dutch Caribbean?
10. What language do you speak?
11. What country do you belong to?
12. Does Statia have it's own flag and coat of arms?
13. What is the first salute?
14. What taxes are there for businesses?
15. What is required for immigration?
16. How do I find about real estate on Statia?
17. Who is the largest employer on the Island?
18. Do you have unemployment?
19. What does statia have to offer?
20. Do you have any beaches?
21. Is the volcano active?
22. What is Statia Terminals?

1. Statia has a population of 3,400.

2. Statia is located in the north eastern Caribbean, 150 miles east of Puerto Rico (latitude 17.00, longitude 63.04), 90 miles east of St. Croix, 38 miles south of St. Maarten and 17 miles southeast of Saba. Click here to see a map of Statia.

3. Statia is served six times daily by Windward Island Airways (WINAIR) from St. Maarten. Flight time is approximately 20 minutes from St. Maarten.

These services allow passengers to make connections in St. Maarten (SXM) with regional and international carriers, including BWIA, LIAT, KLM, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways and Air France. Click here for more on information on getting to Statia.

4. St. Eustatius is pronounced "SINT U-STAY-SHUS". Statia is pronounced "STAY-SHA".

5. Statia is an island of 11.8 square miles.

6. St. Eustatius is a Municipality of the Netherlands Antilles. Day to day local affairs are managed by an elected Island Council, presided over by a Governor of St. Eustatius.

7. Statia remains part of the Netherlands Antilles. The Dutch government assumes responsibility for Statia's foreign affairs, but the island has its own Governor of St. Eustatius and internal autonomy.

8. As a person wishing to be a returning resident you must contact the census office at for information.

9. The Dutch Caribbean, consists of six islands : Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are often called the ABC islands, while Statia, Saba and St. Maarten the three S's'.

10. English is spoken everywhere on Statia but Dutch is the official language used in government administration and schools.

11. Statia is a part of the Netherlands Antilles. The Netherlands Antilles form two autonomous parts of the Netherlands. The main part consists of all the islands except Aruba which withdrew from the Netherlands Antilles to become an autonomous member of the Netherlands in 1986. The Netherlands Antilles seat of government is in Willemstad, Curaçao.

12. St. Eustatius adopted its flag on 16 November 2004 (Statia Day)

Flag Description: The flag is rectangular with the colors blue, red, white, gold and green. Proportions of width : length = 2:3. The flag is divided in four five-sided blue squares, each fimbriated red. In flag center is a diamond-form white field. In the diamond is the silhouette of the island in green. In the center in the top of the diamond is a five-pointed golden star.

The coat of arms was also adopted on Statia Day, 16 November, 2004. The design of the coat-of-arms is by Walter Hellebrand and has a motto in Latin: "SUPERBA ET CONFIDENS" meaning Proud and Confident.

13. On November 16, 1776, the cannons at Fort Oranje fired the first official salute by a foreign nation to the American colours. The island celebrates this event each year by having a national holiday. Click here to go to the Statia Tourist Office for more information on our history.

14. The Windward Islands have a duty-free status with the exception on the import of gasoline. The Island Government is authorized, in cooperation with Director of Taxes, to establish a Free Zone or extend tax-holidays. Click here for a full description of taxes on St. Eustatius.

15. Click here for immigration requirements.

16. The following companies can help with real esate availibilty and sale or purchase.

Dawn Real Estate:
Island Estate St. Eustatius
Ms. Dawn Bauer
Fair Play z/n
St. Eustatius Netherlands Antilles
Mobile: 599-318-4515

Norako Real Estate & Mortgages
Mrs. L. Sneek-Gibbs
Sadlerweg z/n
St. Eustatius Netherlands Antilles
Tel/Fax: 599-318 2640
Mobile: 599-318-4051 599-318-3088

S.M.D. Architects & Consultants
Mr. Siem Dijkshoorn
P.O.Box 204
St. Eustatius Netherlands Antilles
Tel/Fax: 599-318-3230
Mobile: 599-318-4264 599-5226255

17. The government of St. Eustatius is the largest employer.

18. There is very little unemployment on Statia.

19. Statia offers visitors great hiking, world class diving and snorkeling, fascinating history, peace and tranquility and the Caribbean's friendliest people.

20. We have three beaches, each very diffrent in character.


21. The Quill, Statia's volcano, is dormant. The Quill is now a protected nature reserve and offers ten hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult. Click here for more on the Quill.

22. Statia Terminals is an oil storage and distribution facility located in the North West of the island.