Curriculum CSEC Mathematics

1Number Learn how the idea of place value makes calculations easier -- Use properties of numbers such as compositeness and primeness to find factors, multiples, HCFs and LCMs -- Use a variety of methods to multiply and divide numbers -- Round off numbers so as to make good estimates of the results of calculations -- Use a calculator The story of numbers -- Adding and subtracting numbers -- Multiples and factors -- More about our number system -- Division -- Approximations and estimations -- Using a calculator -- Problem solving Quiz or test
Sets Understand the mathematical meaning of the word 'set' -- Learn how ideas of sets and their notation assist in sorting and classification -- Discover what a Venn diagram is, and how to draw and use one -- Use Venn diagrams to find HCFs and LCMs Sets and their members -- How to describe a set -- Venn diagrams -- Intersection of sets -- Common factors, common multiples Quiz or test
Special 1
Fractions Show fractions using diagrams -- Calculate a fraction of a quantity -- Find equivalent fractions -- Work with fractions greater than 1 -- Add and subtract fractions -- Multiply and divide fractions -- Solve problems involving fractions Showing fractions -- Calculating fractions -- Equivalent fractions -- Fractions greater than '1' -- Adding fractions -- Subtracting fractions -- Multiplying fractions -- Dividing fractions -- Problem solving Quiz or test
Decimals Write numbers as decimals -- Represent decimals on a number line -- Compare and order decimals -- Add and subtract decimals -- Multiply and divide decimals -- Use a calculator to work with decimals Decimals -- Two decimal places -- Decimals and place value -- Adding and subtracting decimals -- Decimals and your calculator -- Multiplying and dividing decimals by powers of ten -- Multiplying and dividing decimals Quiz or test
Angles Name angles and compare them -- Measure and draw angles -- Discover some relations between angles -- Learn about angles in triangles and quadrilaterals Lines and angles -- Measuring angles -- Drawing angles -- Relations between angles Quiz or test
Solids Recognise the main properties of a cuboid, a cylinder, a cone, a sphere, prisms and pyramids -- Draw the net of a solid -- Construct a solid from its net The cuboid or box -- The cylinder -- Prisms -- The cone -- The pyramid -- The sphere -- Properties of solids -- Nets of solids Quiz or test
Measuring Find reasons for using standard units of measurement -- Use standard units for lenth and mass -- Understand the difference between mass and weight -- Estimate and measure distance, mass, time and temperature using the appropriate units Length -- Mass -- Time -- Temperature Quiz or test
Shapes Sort and classify triangles and quadrilaterals -- Investigate the properties of shapes to solve problems -- Use ruler and compasses to construct shapes accurately -- Create patterns and art using ideas of symmetry and simple transformations Looking at triangles -- Looking at quadrilaterals -- Constructions -- Symmetry -- Reflection -- Moving shapes -- Investigating shapes Quiz or test
Consumer arithmetic Calculate bills and find 'best buys' -- See how percentages are uses in everyday life -- Change fractions and decimals to percentages -- Find percentages profit and loss on goods sold -- Calculate savings through discounts -- Find interes on loans and deposits Using money -- Understanding percentages -- Fractions, decimals and percentages -- Finding percentages of amounts -- Buying and selling -- Loans and deposits Quiz or test
Representing information Learn ways to collect and record data -- Represent data in the form of pictures and charts -- Choose and use scales in your charts -- Interpret charts and graphs -- Summarise data using averages Collecting data -- Pictographs -- Bar graphs -- Pie charts -- Looking at averages -- Coordinate graphs Quiz or test
Area Compare areas -- Use standard units of area -- Estimate areas of irregular shapes -- Calculate the areas of rectangles and triangles -- Calculate the perimeters of shapes What is area? -- Comparing areas -- Some units of area -- Areas of rectangles and triangles Quiz or test
Symbols and patterns Identify constants and variables -- Add, subtract and multiply symbols -- Substitute numbers for letters -- Describe a situation using symbols -- Spot patterns in sequences and add exra terms -- Work out the nth term of a sequence -- Solve simple equations Symbols -- Adding, subtracting and multiplying symbols -- Writing expressions -- Writing equations -- Solving equations -- Looking for patterns -- Arrow diagrams Quiz or test
2Number Add and subtract fractions -- Multiply and divide fractions -- Use fractions to solve problems -- Develop the concept of place value by using different number bases Addition and subtraction of fractions -- Multiplication and division of fractions -- Number bases Quiz or test
Decimals Solve problems involving addition and substraction of decimals -- Solve problems involving multiplication and division of decimals -- Calculate squares and square roots of decimals -- Round off decimals Ordering decimals -- Adding and subtracting decimals -- Multiplying decimals -- Dividing decimals -- Squares and square roots of decimals -- Rounding numbers -- Writing fractions as decimals -- Using a calculator Quiz or test
Angles Draw and measure angles -- Discover properties of parallel lines -- Use vertically opposite, corresponding and alternate angles to solve problems Measuring and drawing angles -- Angles larger than 180° -- Angles in shapes -- Angles and lines -- Parallel lines Quiz or test
Sets Find the intersection and union of two sets -- Find the complement of a set -- Use the ideas of union, intersection and complement to solve simple problems Sets and subsets -- More about intersection -- Letters for sets -- Union of sets -- Complement of a set Quiz or test
Measurement Compare imperial and metric units -- Calculate the perimeter of shapes -- Find the area of simple shapes -- Read and use scale drawings Units of measure -- Perimeter -- Areas of rectangles and triangles -- Area of a circle -- Scale drawing Quiz or test
Negative numbers Use a number line to add and subtract -- Understand what negative numbers are -- Add negative numbers -- Use negative numbers to solve simple problems Number lines -- Negative numbers -- Negative numbers and addition -- Some ways we use negative numbers -- Negative coordinates Quiz or test
Relations and graphs Draw and identify types of arrow diagrams -- Identify mappings and represent them as ordered pairs -- Read graphs to extract information -- Show inequalities on graphs Arrow diagrams -- Mappings -- Ordered pairs -- Plotting graphs -- Reading graphs -- Graphs of relations -- Inequalities Quiz or test
Transformations Find the images of shapes after reflection -- Find the images of shapes after translation -- Use rotation to identify rotational symmetry Reflection -- Translating shapes -- Rotation Quiz or test
Statistics Read data from bar and pie charts -- Draw bar and pie charts -- Calculate and use different tyes of average to solve problems Frequency tables -- Pie charts -- Bar charts -- Line graphs and scales -- Surveys -- Averages-mode, median and mean Quiz or test
Patterns and algebra Learn more about different number patterns -- Use formulas to show relationships -- Simplify simple algebraic expressions -- Use linear equations to solve simple problems Rectangular, prime and square numbers -- Triangle numbers -- Formulas -- Basics of algebra -- Brackets -- Solving linear equations Quiz or test
Volume Understand what volume is -- Use the units of volume -- Calculate the colume of cuboids -- Calculate the volume of liquids -- Use the idea of volume in real-life situations What is volume? -- Units of volume -- Volume of cuboids -- Volume of liquids Quiz or test
Consumer arithmetic Distinguish between chequing and savings accounts -- Calculate interest on savings and loans -- Understand the purpose of taxation -- Work out personal income tax -- Calculate simple utility bills Banking -- Taxes -- Utility bills Quiz or test
3Computation Use four rules on fractions to solve problems -- Use four rules on decimals to solve problems -- Convert fractions to decimals to percentages -- Make approximations by rounding numbers -- Use scientific notation to record numbers Working with fractions -- Working with decimals -- Fraction, decimals and percentages -- Estimation -- Rounding numbers -- Standard form -- Calculations and computers Quiz or test
Negative numbers Learn more about addition an subtraction of negative numbers -- Multiply negative numbers -- Divide negative numbers Adding negative numbers -- Subtracting negative numbers -- Multiplying negative numbers -- Division of negative numbers -- Using your knowledge Quiz or test
Measurement 1 Calculate the perimeter of shapes -- Solve problems involving the area of composite shapes -- Find the area of parallelograms, trapeziums and sectors Perimeter -- Basics of area -- Area of composite shapes -- Areas of parallelograms and trapeziums -- Circles, arcs and sectors Quiz or test
Ratio and proportion Understand what a ratio is -- Compare quantities using a ratio -- Simplify ratios -- Use ratio and proportions to solve problems Making comparisons -- More about ratios -- Simplifying ratios -- Proportion Quiz or test
Algebra Simplify algebraic expressions -- Solve linear equations -- Use linear equations to solve problems -- Solve simple inequalities -- Solve pairs of simultaneouos linear equations Basic Algebra -- Solving linear equations -- Forming and solving equations -- Linear inequalities -- Simultaneous equations Quiz or test
Geometry Use basic angle facts to calculate angles in shapes -- Use geometric properties to classify shapes -- Use a ruler and compasses to construct angles and shapes All about angles -- Classifying polygons -- Construction geometry Quiz or test
Trigonometry Use Pythagoras' theorem to find lengths of shapes -- Use trigonometrical ratios, sine, cosine and tangent, to solve problems Right angled triangles -- Pythagoras theorem -- Naming sides -- The tangent of an angle -- Working with tangents -- The sine of an angle -- The centre of an angle Quiz or test
Measurement 2 Learn the difference between an estimated value and an accurate value -- Find the volume of solids -- Calculate the surface area of shapes Estimation -- Volume basics -- Volume of prisms and cylinders -- Surface areas Quiz or test
Graphs Find and plots points on a graph using a variety of scales -- Read information from graphs to solve problems -- Draw and use graphs of linear relations to solve problems -- Use graphs to solve simultaneous linear equations -- Show quadratic relationships graphically Plotting graphs -- Reading graphs -- Drawing graphs -- Linear graphs -- Graphs of quadratics Quiz or test
Transformations Reflect an object in a mirror line -- Find objects and images of shapes as a result of a rotation -- Describe translations as column vectors -- Use enlargements to solve problems -- Solve problems involving similar triangles Reflections -- Rotation -- Translation -- Enlargement Quiz or test
Statistics and probability Use bar and pie charts to respresent data -- Draw and read data from histograms -- Calculate the mean, mode and median from different representations of data -- Understand the concept of probability -- Find the experimental and theoretical probability of simple events Bar charts and pie charts -- Histograms -- Averages -- Frequency tables and means -- Using statistics -- Probability Quiz or test
Consumer arithmetic Work out percentages on your calculator -- Calculate simple interest on loans and deposits -- Find out hire purchase prices of goods -- Carry out currency conversions Fractions and percentages -- Loans and interest -- Hire purchase -- Currency conversions Quiz or test
4Computation and number Multiply and divide whole numbers -- Perform the four basic operations on fractions and decimals -- Write fractions as decimals and vice versa -- Round off numbers up to three decimal places or significant figures -- Write numbers in standard form -- Perform simple operations in any base Operations with whole numbers -- Some number theory -- Negative numbers -- Calculating with fractions -- Calculating with decimals -- Fractions and decimals -- Rounding off numbers -- Indices -- Standard form -- Number bases -- Ratio and proportion Quiz or test
Measurement Estimate and measure lengths in metric units -- Calculate the perimeter of simple shapes -- Estimate or calculate areas of irregularly shaped figures -- Calculate areas of simple shapes and their combinations -- Calculate surface area of simple 3D shapes -- Calculate the volume of simple 3D shapes -- Use scales to determine distances -- Estimate margins of error and give degrees of accuracy for a given measurement Length -- Area -- Areas of triangles and quadrilaterals -- Circles -- Arcs and sectors -- Surface area -- Volume -- Measurement and scales -- Error in measurements Quiz or test
Consumer arithmetic Use ready reckoners -- Change money from one currency to another -- Solve problems involving cost price, selling price and percentage profit or loss -- Calculate simple and compound interest -- Solve problems involving payments by instalments -- Calculate rates and taxes Money management -- Profit and loss -- Interest and investment -- Hire purchase and mortgages -- Rates and taxes Quiz or test
Algebra 1 Simplify algebraic expressions -- Use symbols to represent binary operations -- Find solutions to linear equations -- Find the solution set to linear inequalities -- Solve simultaneous equations algebraically -- Use linear or simultaneous equations to solve word problems Basic algebra -- Binary operations -- Linear equations -- Linear inequalities -- Simultaneous equations -- Word problems Quiz or test
Investigations and problem solving Find terms in sequence, give the sequences's rules -- Find the rule for a sequence -- Carry out simple mathematical investigations -- Solve problems using a variety of methods Patterns and sequences -- Investigations Quiz or test
Sets Find the union, intersection and complement of sets -- Calculate the number of subsets of a given set -- Construct and use Venn diagrams to solve problems involving two or three sets -- Use Venn diagrams to solve simple logical problems Union, intersection and complement -- Venn diagrams with three sets -- Finding the number of subsets -- Solving problems Quiz or test
Geometry State and use simple angle properties to solve problems -- Classify shapes according to their properties -- Solve geometric problems using the properties of polygons -- Use geometric instruments to construct angles and shapes -- Solve geometric problems using the properties of solids -- Use angle properties of circles to solve geometric problems Angles -- Symmetry -- Classifying shapes -- Polygons -- Constructions -- Solids -- Circle theorems Quiz or test
Functions 1 Use arrow diagrams to show relations -- Define a function -- Use functional notation -- Draw graphs of functions Mapping diagrams -- Function notation -- Functions, relations and graphs -- Working with functions-conversions Quiz or test
Graphs 1 Read information from graphs -- Draw graphs from data -- Find the gradient and intercepts of a straight-line graph -- Find the equation of a straight line given the coordinates of two of its points or its gradient and one point Reading and plotting graphs -- Linear relations -- Equations of lines Quiz or test
Trigonometry 1 Use Pythagoras' theorem to solve simple problems -- Find and use sine, cosine and tangent ratios -- Use trigonometrical ratios to solve problems involving height, distance, angles of elevation and depression, and bearings -- Use the sine and cosine formulae Right-angled triangles and Pythagoras' theorem -- Sines, cosines and tangents -- Bearings -- The sine and cosine rules Quiz or test
Statistics Learn about the nature and purpose of statistics -- Construct frequency tables -- Display data using bar charts, pictographs, pie charts, histograms and frequency polygons -- Find the mean, median and mode for a set of data and know when to use them -- Construct a cumulative frequency table and corresponding cumulative frequency curve -- Find the mean and median from a set of grouped data -- Determine and use measures of spread Collecting data -- Organising data -- Displaying data -- Averages-measures of central tendency -- Measures of dispersion Quiz or test
Probability Know wat is meant by the probability of an event -- Determine experimental and theoretical probabilities of simple events -- Predict the expected value of a given set of outcomes The idea of probability -- Experimental probability -- Theoretical probability -- Expected values Quiz or test
5Transformations 1 Write translations as vectors -- Find the image of a shape after a translation, reflection, rotation or enlargement -- Identify and describe a transformation given an object and its image -- Recognise and use similar and congruent triangeles to solve geometrical problems Translations -- Rotations -- Reflections -- Enlargements -- Similar triangles -- Congruency Quiz or test
Functions 2 Learn about some special functions -- Find the inverse of a function -- Find the composite of two functions Some special functions -- The inverse of a function -- The composition of functions -- Composition and inverses Quiz or test
Algebra 2 Manipulate expressions involving integer indices -- Find the product of two algebraic expressions -- Factorise quadratic expressions -- Solve quadratic equations by factorisation, by completing the square or by using the formula -- Solve a pair of equations in two variables -- Solve problems involving quadratic equations -- Solve problems involving direct and inverse variation Indices -- Changing the subject of a formula -- The product of two brackets -- Factorising quadratic expressions -- Solving quadratic equations -- Equations in two variables -- Word problems -- Variation Quiz or test
Graphs 2 Draw and sketch the graphs of quadratic functions -- Find the maximum and minimum values of quadratic functions -- Draw and interpret graphs of other non-linear functions -- Find the gradient of a curve at a point -- Draw and use distance-time and speed-time graphs Quadratic graphs -- Maximum and minimum values for quadratic functions -- Gradients of curves -- Plotting other graphs -- Distance-time and speed-time graphs Quiz or test
Trigonometry 2 Solve practical problems involving lengths and distances in three-dimensional situations -- Find angles in solids -- Find areas of triangles and parallelograms Pythagoras in 3-D -- Angles in solids -- Areas of triangles and parallelograms -- Sectors and segments Quiz or test
Vectors and matrices 1 Describe vectors as 2x1 column vectors -- Add and substract vectors -- Associate position vectors with points -- Find the magnitude of a vector -- Use vectors to solve in geometry -- Define a matrix as an array of numbers -- Add, subtract and multiply simple matrices Vectors -- Using vectors in geometry -- Matrices -- Multiplying matrices Quiz or test
Transformations 2 Find the mirror line given an object and its image after a reflection -- Find the angle and centre of rotation given an object and its image after a rotation -- Describe and use a glide reflection -- Combine transformations More on reflections -- More on rotations -- Glide reflections -- Combining transformations Quiz or test
Graphs 3 Use graphs to find solutions to simultaneous equations -- Use graphs to find solutions to quadratic equations -- Use graphs of functions to solve simple problems -- Draw graphs to represent and solve linear inequalities -- Use linear programming techniques to solve problems Solving simultaneous equations graphically -- Solving quadratic equations graphically -- Graphs of inequalities -- Linear programming Quiz or test
Vectors and matrices 2 Find the inverse of a 2x2 non-singular matrix -- Use matrices to solve simultaneous equations -- Recognise and write 2x2 matrices associated with enlargements, rotations and reflections -- Use matrices to represent a composition of transformations The inverse of a matrix -- Simultaneous equations -- Transformation matrices -- Combining transformations Quiz or test