ModuleTopicGeneral objectivesForm and term
Number and number senseProperties of numbersDevelop competence in working with numbers11a 1b 1c 2a 4c
Number patternsDevelop skills to use appropriate mental, written and calculator techniques to solve a veriety of problems21a 1b 2a 2c 4a
Symbolic representationDevelop algebraic thinking skills31a 1b 2a 2b
Use of the calculator
Conscious consumerPercentagesAppreciate that transactions with money are integral to everyday life13c
CurrencyDevelop an appreciation of the value of money, locally and internationally24c
Household billsUnderstand the need for accuracy and honesty in dealing with money34c
Wages, salary and commission
Spaces in the environmentLines, angles, directionsDevelop and apply geometric properties of straight lines, polygons and circles12b 2c 3b
Plane shapesDevelop spatial awareness21c 3b
Pythagoras' theorem32c 3a 4a
Solids: cylinder, cuboid and cube
Measuring around usMeasuring length and massDevelop computational and estimation competencies13a 4b
Measuring perimeter and area22b 4b
Measuring volume31c 3b
Measuring temperature
Measuring time, speed and distance
Data handlingData collectionDevelop skills in collecting, summarising and interpreting data in different ways14a
Organization of dataDevelop the ability to use data to solve problems, make decisions, and draw conclusions and inferences23a 3c
Statistical measuresDevelop skills to use statistics and set theory as problem solving tools33c 4b
Interpretation of data
Simple probability